What is the MainFrame protocol ?

A video game builder, a streaming platform builder, a project launcher on Theta.

MainFrame protocol is a set of tools designed for the content creators of the future:

  • Video game developers that choose to tokenize assets inside in their video games or ease production and hosting costs by using a simple tool to bring their idea to life
  • Streaming platform creators that choose to reward their users for resource sharing either with Theta’s TFUEL or MainFrame protocol’s very own Frame token.
  • dApp developers that want to launch their project on Theta

Existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is aiming to offer a complete set of tools for media content developers to build apps where both fiat and crypto payments can coexist seamlessly.

The power of a decentralized system

Tokenized and Fiat payments

Through tokenization MainFrame protocol aims to create an easily auditable and transparent system.

Integrating fiat payments also will help the MainFrame protocol encourage more content creators to use the platform and save non-experienced users from the intricacies/risks of using cryptocurrencies.

Our goal is to create a unified transparent blockchain system, meaning users choosing the app (fiat version of MainFrame protocol) will have a wallet created in our backend in order to bring all protocol proceeds (both fiat and crypto) into the system.

Global Community

Decentralized governance by the community

With a governance system, the community can help shape the platform to their own choosing by proposing ideas through a voting system.

Engaging the content creators through a governance system will offer the team the possibility to better understand the wants and needs of the community.

MainFrame protocol will be a system designed by the users for the users.

low latency communication

Low Latency P2P CDN

MainFrame protocol also has a low latency CDN component that enables users to stream audio/video at ~0.5 seconds latency. Users that decide to become nodes and share their resources with the P2P CDN will be rewarded with the Frame token for delivered bandwidth.

Our protocol’s CDN system is not a lossless system like Theta’s HLS and it is a different type of CDN that would be more useful in real-time applications: like a decentralized Zoom. The network is secured using MainFrame’s proof of content delivery mechanism and Nodes.


Best Features

The MainFrame Team combines a passion for dApps, video games, industry experience & proven record in finance, development, marketing.

Cheaper than Ethereum
Instant Private Transaction

MainFrame protocol running on the Theta blockchain would provide cheaper transaction costs to operate smart contracts.

Highly Scalable
Limitless Applications

The MainFrame builder suite would enable users to create apps only to the extent of the limits of their imagination.

Reliable & Low Cost
Integrating other decentralized storage projects

Our team aims to dissolve parts of the hosting costs by integrating P2P storage technologies like Sia Skynet and SkyDB.



The MainFrame Team combines a passion for dApps, video games, streaming, industry experience & proven record in finance, development, marketing.

MainFrame Token holders are the only ones that can participate in the LaunchPad projects.

Our protocol’s smart contracts will be audited by in house security specialists as well as third party auditors.

Provide the platforms that use our CDN with a low latency audio/video delivery system that rewards the users with the Frame token.

MainFrame protocol uses the Theta blockchain, a way more cost-efficient solution than Ethereum.

MainFrame Engineer

Introducing the MainFrame.Engineer platform

Blockchain-powered asset marketplace connects buyers to assets they can use to create video games and also provides a custom builder for video games and streaming platforms.

Check out Binary Ghost game created with the MainFrame Engineer
  • The Platform will earn fees from the marketplace as well as video game creation, streaming platform creation, and deployments.
  • Token holders will be able to stake and earn fees from the protocol
  • Put your newly created video game on our LaunchPad to gather funds.
  • Both Fiat/Crypto payment methods are accepted

Read Our Documents

Here is our full list of documents that help you to understand about us and the MainFrame protocol.


Road Map

Our team working hardly to achieve full decentralization of the MainFrame protocol as seen in the roadmap diagram.

2019 Q4
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2020 Q1
  • Proving the video game builder concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • Video Game Demo
2020 Q2
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Design architecture for the mainframe video game builder
2020 Q3
  • Building an MVP for video game builder
  • Video game created with the MVP
2020 Q4
Road to functional product
  • Added more levels to video game
  • Extended game engine capabilities
2021 Q1
Binary Ghost
  • Started work on Binary Ghost video game website
  • Fixed issues with the game engine
2021 Q2
Low latency communication
  • Started work on a low latency webRTC audio/video protocol
  • P.O.C. for proof of content delivery
2021 Q3
MainFrame Token Seed Round
  • Pre-Sale round
  • Streaming platform with Theta's CDN and a webRTC CDN
2021 Q4
First in game , launchpad
  • Public sale in game
  • Smart contract testing and deployment for Launchpad
2022 Q1
Launchpad, MainFrame Engineer
  • Deploy Launchpad for Theta dApps
  • Deploy MainFrame Engineer video game builder
  • Deploy Binary Ghost
2022 Q2
Dynamic Assets
  • Integration of dynamic video game assets into builder
  • Marketplace cooperative module
  • Secure proof of content delivery with Nodes
2022 Q3
Low Latency protocol
  • Deploy Frame token to testnet
  • Deploy video streaming platform builder
Frame Token
2022 Q4
  • Launch Frame token
  • Airdrop Frame to MainFrame holders
  • Launch WebRTC low latency video stream dApp
Meet The Team

MainFrame Team

The MainFrame Protocol team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Sebastian Constantinescu

Lead Software Engineer

Valentina Mairet

Cybersecurity Engineer

Adrian Daniel Roman

Community Manager

Alexandru Ariciu

Lead Security Engineer

Kaab Bin Tariq

Software Engineer

Shea Dunne

Lead Game Engineer

Dani Touich

Lead UI/UX Engineer

Alexandru Nucu

Game Designer

Vlad Mares

Marketing Manager


Anders Johnsson

Board Advisor


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Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided some answers about the crowdsale, Token, cryptocurrencies and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

A video game builder, a streaming platform builder, a project launcher on Theta that is completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

To purchase MAINFRAME (MAIN) token you must download the Theta Wallet Chrome Extension and deposit TFUEL to your wallet.

To participate in the pre-crowdsale you must whitelist by providing an email and subscribing to us.

MainFrame protocol - is unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use and the MAIN token provides rewards as fees from the protocol when staking it.

Do not transfer them until the smart contract to switch to MAINFRAME token has become available. Do not trade them on Theta Swap, by doing so you renounce your right to exchange them into MAINFRAME token.

The exchange from vMAIN to MAIN will happen during the Public Crowd sale.

The first public sale round begins on the 30th of October and last 14 days. The second round begins on the 30th of November and last 14 days.

To whitelist in the public sale you must play a video game and register for the pre-crowdsale in game. The game will run in all modern computer browsers.

100,000,000 MAIN tokens. while FRAME tokens are infinite since resource sharing Nodes should be rewarded for participating in creating the Frame CDN.

MAIN is a TNT-20 token on the Theta blockchain.


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